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Welcome to Positively Africana

Hi, my name is Aimee, founder and owner of Positively Africana. Thank you for visiting my website. 
Positively Africana is a gift shop focusing on authentic, handmade crafts and accessories made in Africa or inspired by the strength and beauty of the continent. 
We are located at  Level 2, Thornes Marketplace, 150 Main Street, Northampton, MA. 

Our mission is to showcase Africa’s creativity, beauty, and cultural legacy. We offer a wide range of handmade products, including jewelry, accessories, The Aimee Dolls, athleisure wear, home decor, and clothing. We also provide vibrant group exercise classes.

But we are more than just a store. We are a celebration of African stories and empowerment. Our products and services carry the unique narratives of our ancestors and countless African women, including myself.

25% of all profits from Positively Africana go towards supporting women entrepreneurs and artists in the Congo. Shop with Purpose!

Aimee Salmon leading a fitness class.

Fitness Programs

Take our online group exercise classes from your home, and in person at Studio Helix Level 3, Thornes Marketplace, 150 Main Street, Northampton, MA.

Positively Africana Store

Positively Africana reflects artistic culture and representation of Africa across New England and Beyond.

Aimee Salmon Speaking

Corporate Wellness

We offer corporate wellness programs that emphasize the importance of all-round wellness.

Featured Products

Celebrate Pride Month in style with our vibrant, handcrafted accessories! Whether you’re adding a pop of color to your outfit or showing off your pride, these pieces are perfect for any occasion.
25% of all our profits go to women craftspeople and entrepreneurs in the Congo. 


Hi! I'm Aimee,
founder of
Positively Africana

Thank you for visiting our website. Here's the story of how it all began and what shopping on this site means to the people who design & make the products we sell...

Upcoming Events

Fitness Classes, Corporate Wellness Sessions, and Other Events.


The Aimee Fitness Collection

Positively Africana recognizes and celebrates the tremendous influence of African heritage, art, and styles in the global fashion industry. Our brand is driven by the belief that together, we are stronger. We are committed to making a positive impact in the world, and every purchase you make directly supports this mission. By choosing our products, you become a part of our journey towards inspiring change and embracing inclusivity for all. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to supporting women in the Congo. No matter what item you purchase from our store, 25% of our profit goes towards empowering and uplifting remarkable women.

Testimonials for Positively Africana


What People Are Saying

Millicent JacksonMillicent Jackson
19:59 01 May 24
Wonderful shop. Top service. The owner is lovely and welcomes you at once. The quality of the merchandise is stellar. I have a doll and several pairs of earrings from this shop. I absolutely love it here.
Caitlin ReedCaitlin Reed
11:19 29 Apr 24
Aimee is fantastic and her products are varied and beautiful. I’ve gotten a bag for myself, decorations for gifts, and have been eyeing some earrings. I strongly recommend Positively Africana to anyone strolling through Northampton!
Andrea MuraskinAndrea Muraskin
01:44 14 Apr 24
I enjoyed my experience at the Positively Africana kiosk in Thorne's marketplace. Aimee was friendly and welcoming and I appreciated how she told me about the country of origin and materials of each item I looked at. I purchased a pair of bold earrings made in Rwanda from natural plant fibers.
Talyn Rahman-FigueroaTalyn Rahman-Figueroa
17:24 03 Apr 24
I absolutely LOVE Aimee and the products she has. Her passion for her work is fire, and I love how I'm was able to use the "Aimee doll" to teach my toddler how to take care of her gorgeously curly hair through play. Aimee's products are really special and unique because Aimee puts deep care into what she puts out into the world. That is evident through all the work she has put into her brand and ensuring that she is accessible. Great work, Positively Africana!
I support Black and Brown businesses and it’s a pleasure supporting Positively Africana knowing the inventory comes from Africa. I love the cause and the merchandise.
Yves Salomon-FernandezYves Salomon-Fernandez
10:47 22 Mar 24
Aimee is so customer-centric. She knew exactly what I was looking for and the fit that I wanted. Service is unparalleled at Positively Africana. This is a one-of-a-kind shop in western Mass that serves all kinds of customers. The owner is smart, friendly, and focused on your enjoying the shopping experience. You don't need an occasion to visit the store, and it's a great place to pick up a unique gift for a holiday or special occasion.
Jocelyn RobyJocelyn Roby
11:55 21 Feb 24
Positively Africana and its owner Aimee are true gems and a must visit when in Northampton! The products are absolutely beautiful and amazing quality. Aimee empowers not only the women in Africa that she sources products from, but also women, men and children all over the Pioneer Valley and beyond with her social media reach. Our community is very lucky to have her!
Heyley WestcottHeyley Westcott
22:56 26 Jan 24
"Love Travels"Having a long-distance love can be a perfect opportunity to be creative! As long as love is nurtured, it will always grow. My partner, Iani, gifted me the most beautiful earrings and a lovely elephant ring from Positively Africana during his recent travels to see me and celebrate love.His choice to shop at Positively Africana was perfectly fitting, as their brand provides authentic labors of love from the beautiful, distant lands of Africa. Love Travels from hand to heart and is well nurtured by Aimee and her team at Positively Africana. The effort put into the art, means all the more to the receiver of the gift. Love is about thoughtfulness and long-lasting gestures."Aimee was present, attentive and helpful during my time shopping at Positively Africana. The store offers elegant handcrafted jewelry made by artists in Africa." Iani shared with me as my eyes sparkled in awe. I admire the elegant, organic nature that my gifts have that are well accompanied by their long-lasting quality. They will be cherished capsules of love for years to come.It is exciting to me that a brand such as Positively Africana is placed in the heart of our Northampton Thornes Market to bring a celebration of diversity and authenticity to the community. Supporting the gifts and talents that other parts of the world can share is a most precious gesture of appreciation for life. Supporting businesses like Positively Africana can help African families continue to live healthy and joyfully, simply by shopping for a loved one on Valentine's Day. Be a part of the movement and support African artists spread their love.Help Love Travel. -Heyley Christine Westcott

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