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The Essence of Positively Africana

Positively Africana is more than just a business; it’s a ground-breaking movement and an exuberant celebration of Africa’s beauty, creativity, and cultural heritage. 
Our venture draws inspiration from the continent’s aesthetic charm and ingenuity, translating these attributes across various spheres of life. We tirelessly strive to echo the resonant beats of her vibrant ecosystem, abundant with artistry, ingenuity and overflowing with a unique spirit that has birthed civilizations. 
This ambitious objective breathes life into our brand, transforming the abstract constructs of beauty, creativity, and heritage into consumable, appreciable experiences dispersed across various realms of life including commerce, health, art, and living.


Our mission is to inspire a more active lifestyle through functional and stylish athleisure wear that celebrates African culture.


To empower individuals from all backgrounds to connect and find common ground through our products, fitness programs, and brand.

The Three Main Parts of Our Business

Positively Africana exists operationally as our retail shop, our fitness program, and corporate wellness project.

1. The Shop - Chronicling Africa’s Cultural Identity

At the core of Positively Africana lies the 'Shop,' our curated retail space offering a vibrant assortment of African-inspired products crafted by dexterous artisans spread across the continent. 
Each item— from meticulously handcrafted jewelry and bespoke accessories to artisanal textiles and thoughtfully designed home décor— narrates a unique story, portraying centuries-old traditions subtly interwoven with unparalleled craftsmanship. 
The Shop transcends the boundaries of traditional commerce; it is a captivating window into Africa’s cultural identity, fostering an intimate bond between the continent and customers. 
Through our products, we initiate dialogues that build bridges and secure connectivity, eliminating the geographical divide by offering tangible means for customers to experience Africa’s broad cultural spectrum.

2. Fitness Embodied - Encouraging Holistic Well-being

Our Fitness division is another crucial component of Positively Africana, embodying the passionate pursuit for holistic well-being.
Dive into the electrifying world of fitness with the dynamic Aimee, renowned for her unmatched zest and energy! Whether you’re swaying to the lively beats of Zumba, pushing your limits in a HIIT session, or exploring other pulse-pounding routines, Aimee ensures every workout is a memorable celebration of movement.
Her infectious enthusiasm not only fuels your spirit but also inspires you to surpass your boundaries. With a unique blend of expertise, passion, and exhilarating energy, Aimee transforms each class into a powerhouse of fun and fitness.
Join now and let every drop of sweat be a step closer to your best self!

3. Corporate Wellness - A Transformative Power

We strive to extend our wellness philosophy beyond individual pursuits by incorporating it into the workplace through our 'Corporate Wellness' initiative.
Recognizing the transformative power of physical and mental health, we offer corporate wellness programs that emphasize the importance of all-round wellness.
Aimee is available to speak to your team, lead a wellness session, or provide advice and guidance on how to incorporate wellness into your organizational culture. 
In today’s high-speed business environment, corporate wellness isn’t just a perk—it’s a strategic imperative. A holistic approach to employee health and well-being doesn’t merely reduce absenteeism, but it also drives engagement, fosters creativity, and bolsters teamwork. By investing in the physical, emotional, and mental wellness of staff, businesses are not only nurturing their most valuable assets but are also ensuring a resilient and dynamic workforce ready to conquer challenges.

A Continuous Journey to Diversify

As we continuously endeavor to diversify our offerings, we remain steadfast in our resolve to embody Africa’s rich heritage to the fullest. With our ever-expanding repertoire, we remain committed to cultivating new experiences inspired by the African continent’s plethora of traditions, culinary arts, textiles, wellness philosophies, and more. 
Our expansion revolves around adapting traditional values to contemporary contexts, striking an appealing balance that transcends time and geographical barriers.

Our Unwavering Commitment

To sum up, Positively Africana’s mission is to challenge cultural stereotypes, foster a deep appreciation for the vast scope of African traditions, and contribute to the economic growth and self-sufficiency of communities throughout the continent. 
By integrating the various dimensions of Africa’s rich legacy— from the craftsmanship of its artisans to the centuries-old wellness practices— we passionately spotlight the region, celebrating the potential, beauty, and creativity within its people. 
Our collaboration with talented African artisans provides a platform that showcases their work globally, simultaneously empowering these craftsmen and bolstering ethically sourced and handcrafted products. Upholding the principles of fair trade, we ensure that local creators and artisans are adequately compensated for their craft, safeguarding the creative and cultural heritage that has transcended generations.
As we forge ahead with our diverse range of products and initiatives, we dedicate ourselves to presenting a vivid and comprehensive picture of Africa – one that illuminates, enthuses, and forms an everlasting bond among those who experience it.
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