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Aimee Salmon, the founder of Positively Africana, is a business owner, certified fitness instructor, college graduate, and advocate for mental well-being and education in the United States.

Aimee Salmon poses for a picture outdoors

She is renowned for her resilience and determination that have shaped her journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to her current role as a business owner in Western Massachusetts.
Despite facing external challenges like political turmoil, a missing paternal figure, and a volcanic eruption that ravaged her hometown, Aimee remained undeterred, drawing strength from her resourceful mother, who instilled in her the importance of maintaining hope and resilience.
A vital chapter of Aimee’s life was spent as a refugee in Rwanda. Here, in the midst of adversity, she experienced acts of kindness from strangers that sparked a profound desire within her to make a difference in the lives of others. 
Further adding to this intent was her move to the United States, where she found herself in a foreign culture, faced with language barriers and unfamiliar environments. But instead of being disheartened, Aimee was buoyed by her inner resolve, a consistent trait of her character.

Sparks of Humanity Amid Adversity

Aimee’s passion for health and fitness was unveiled in the US. Finding solace and camaraderie in group fitness classes, she invested her energy into becoming a certified fitness instructor, specializing in various fitness disciplines. 
Her new-found profession had a dual effect – it not only heightened her physical well-being, but also acted as a catalyst for mental health improvement. Motivated by the transformative power of physical wellness, Aimee magnified her impact by veering towards a role in the education sector.

The Path to Founding Positively Africana

She relentlessly pursued her journey of self-improvement, improving her English skills, and earning a college degree, ultimately leading to her entrepreneurial venture, Positively Africana. 
Her business is an embodiment of her life-long passion to bring about positive changes in the lives of others through the nuances of health, fitness, and cultural diversity. 
Her advocacy for mental health awareness and quality education further fortify the multifaceted role Aimee undertakes, as she continues to inspire individuals by sharing her story and illustrating the power of resilience and hope.

Certifications & other credentials​


Mount Holyoke College, MA

I have a BA in Psychology and Education with a minor in Entrepreneurship, Organizations & Society from Mount Holyoke College.

Graduated in May 2023

Fun Facts About Aimee

Proud Frances Perkins Scholar and Mount Holyoke College Graduate

The Frances Perkins Scholarship is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime! It's allowed me to access high-quality education despite my background as a mom and an immigrant. Being accepted and graduated from this vibrant college proved to me that I can be and do anything I put my mind to. I am humbled and empowered by how my life has changed during my Mount Holyoke years.

Travel Sales Representative and Pop Up Store Manager at The Africana Store

Travel and sales are the new passion I discovered when I started the Africana Store. I enjoy selling my products to different places in New England and connecting with prospective customers. This is my way of educating multiple communities and audiences about Africa and raising cultural awareness. And close sales!

Former Member of the Board of Directors/ Advocate/ Keynote Speaker at The International Language Institute of Massachusetts

I served on the ILI Board as a Member of the Board of Directors and Governance Committee for six years. I had the privilege to work with a diverse team I call friends. In the Spring of 2019, I was a keynote speaker at a big fundraising event advocating for a free English program for immigrants and refugees.

Mother. Wife. Dog Lover

I am a mother of a bright biracial son. We also have a dog. He is a husky and German shepherd mix. I live in Northampton with my little family.

Hiker. Traveler. Explorer. Adventurous.

I love hiking with my family, traveling in different states on holidays, and exploring different places.

Education Coordinator at BNI Blaze

BNI is the world’s leading business referral organization, with over 292,920 Members in over 10,805 BNI Chapters worldwide. Email me if you are interested in visiting our chapter.

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