Africana Warrior Yoga Mats in Yellow


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Crafted to inspire and uplift, our mats are adorned with bold, Afro-inspired patterns that embody the African ethos of resilience and strength.

Perfect for the fitness enthusiast who cherishes both style and substance, our mats offer a slip-proof surface for your intense yoga sessions.


Ignite the fire within you as you step onto our Yellow Africana Warrior Yoga Mat.

Meticulously designed to lift your spirits, our mats are embellished with vibrant, Afro-inspired patterns in an energetic yellow shade that embody the African principles of endurance and robustness.

This mat is a perfect choice for the style-conscious fitness devotee, offering a slip-proof surface for commanding yoga sessions.

Celebrate and support the remarkable women behind these creations while embracing our shared African legacy. Remember, being a warrior is not just about fitness; it’s about empowering communities as well.

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Dimensions 183 × 61 × 0.03 cm

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Africana Warrior Yoga MatsAfricana Warrior Yoga Mats in Yellow
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