Hanan Khan

I'm not a dancer! I used to believe that I can't dance. Then, I met Aimee she kept encouraging me to sign up for her Zumba class. I kept telling her I can't dance. But one day, I was like, what the heck? Let me go. I signed up and went. The first dance, I was stiff as a stick . For the second dance, I followed Aimee's instructions and started to get the moves. Aimee kept telling me, “It’s all about repetition movements. Let your body do the movement. You will get it" by the third dance, I loosened my bones and started to enjoy the dance moves. Now I really want to go to Aimee sessions more to learn more moves. Let's just say I found my dancing bone . If anyone feels like they can't dance, I recommend giving Aimee Zumba's class a try. You won't regret it.

Kaia Jackson

I am deeply grateful for Africana Dance & Fitness. I’ve loved participating in virtual offerings including Sunday’s Afro-Cardio workout and Friday’s Zumba Gold. It is such a gift to be able to receive expert guidance and instruction, and to feel sincerely welcomed in a movement-based class, from the safety of my home. I especially appreciate Aimee’s vibrant, joyful energy and skillful teaching. She encourages active and playful engagement without pushing beyond limits, checks in with participants, and reminds us all to drink water throughout class. By the end of class, my body is energized for the day ahead, and my heart is uplifted! I can’t wait for class later today

Catherine and Patrick French

My husband and I look forward to taking this class together every week. It is like an athletic date night! We are proud of how much stronger we have become. My husband says he is in the best shape of his life, and he owes it to this class. We have made definite gains in strength, confidence, and stamina, which then translate into the rest of our activities. It also helps with our moods and stress levels. I would highly recommend this class to anyone, but I think it has real benefits as a couples’ activity.

Estela De Sousa

Africana Dance Fitness is such a fun, exercising class. You are literally dancing to great music, having a great time, all while burning calories. I remember when I first started the fitness class; I was still hanging on to some baby weight after having my daughter. I knew I wanted to start working out, but I hated working out. Africana Dance Fitness was the perfect class for me. I started going consistently for two months, and I was seeing great results. Even when the pandemic hit, I was still able to attend the class online, which was great for my physical and mental health. The class is always fun, and upbeat. Aimee, the instructor is awesome. She's always full of energy, and very motivating. I love how she incorporates some African style of dancing with hip hop/ dancehall into her fitness. Her choreographs are simple, fun, and yet you still get to work out all parts of your body. If you like to dance and workout at the same time, Africana Dance Fitness is definitely for you!​

Laurel Carangelo

Top Ten Reasons Why I Exercise With Positively Africana At least 3x a Week-
1. Joyful classes that lift my mood every time and give me reserves of patience with my kids.
2. Excellent strength training, Zumba and HIIT classes all in one place.
3. A variety of GREAT music.
4. Multi-racial community that is LGBTQIA-embracing and values all our different body sizes, shapes, abilities, genders, and ages.
5. Support a Local Black-Owned Business.
6. As someone with a disability, I feel I belong. That isn’t always the case in exercise classes. Such a warm welcoming vibe!
7. In addition to the classes- Great clothes, jewelry and…so many kids getting to hug their gorgeous Black dolls.
8. Dance and movement combinations taught expertly, step by step, from slow to fast so I can do them! And the learning process is helping me cognitively.
9. Always a variety of modifications presented to increase or decrease challenge so I can tailor the workout to my health and energy level on any given day.
10. Amazingly, the classes have slowed the progression of my Parkinson’s disease . I’m stronger, more agile and more coordinated. I’ve been able to swim and drive again! Incredible.
What are YOUR top reasons for exercising with Positively Africana?
And if you are not exercising with us now, join us!

Emily Jone

Africana Dance and Fitness got me out of my pandemic funk! It's been an isolating, anxiety-inducing time for many people, and I am no exception. Dancing with Aimee has helped me feel calmer and more grounded and has really lifted my spirits. I feel like I'm able to be a better mom to my kiddos when I take this time to care for myself. The classes are truly tailored to every skill level, and Aimee always helps me feel completely comfortable and totally empowered! It's just so much fun!! I feel stronger physically and mentally, and I've learned a lot of new dance moves, too! The world music is great, it's like going to the club without having to stay up late. Aimee is such a gifted teacher and just a cool human being. She is so kind, and her positive energy is infectious. I can't recommend Africana Dance and Fitness enough! It's the best gift I could have given myself.

Aimee is the best. Her classes are full of wonderful energy, great music, and easy-to-follow moves. I highly recommend Aimee’s classes to everyone who wants to experience the joy of dancing and exercising in the community. Thank you, Aimee

Catherine French

I cannot stress enough how wonderful these classes are! I look forward to them all week, and I always leave class feeling a million times better than when I come in. Seriously, these classes help keep me sane and grounded all week. Aimee is a wonderfully talented, dynamic, amazing teacher whose love of dance is totally infectious! It is impossible not to have a great time, and you will definitely work your body! The music is a wonderful mix of African and international, and the dance moves are fun and fierce. The group is a community of strong, badass women from all walks of life who are enthusiastic, supportive, and non-judgmental. And lastly, at $15 a class, these classes are a steal when they provide me with so much joy

Karine Fenelon

I have no words to describe how happy I am to have found Aimee's wonderful Zumba class. I remember my first class, which was pre-pandemic. I immediately felt included and enjoyed the community that was so welcoming and diverse. Aimee makes sure that you feel comfortable and have a great time. Her smile and positive vibes are contagious! The latin and afro-beat music remind me of home, and I feel totally rejuvenated at the end. I was told by my family that I "glow" and look so happy after class. Therefore, I am always excited to attend Aimee's classes and always try to fit it in my schedule. I STRONGLY recommend Aimee's lessons, whatever your age and background. You will not regret it! Come and have fun with Aimee and the wonderful community she built

Catherine French

This class is giving me muscles! I am literally stronger and more capable after every class. Aimee has successfully made strength training fun, satisfying, and effective while respecting the body’s needs and limits. She creates a supportive, encouraging environment in which to train safely together. In the past, I have often avoided strength training in favor of dance or cardio as they have seemed more fun. But this class is super fun, and the strength gained in this class translates to increased stamina in other classes. I love this class and I am proud of my muscles! #strongertogether

Maddy Etkin

I do multiple virtual Zumba and Afro dance workouts with Aimee each week. I was hesitant about the Strong class as I was sure it would be beyond my ability or just too intimidating, but I was intrigued by the idea of adding something new. At almost 74, trying new things can be so rewarding. I was so happy to find the workout both interesting and exciting as I tried new moves, adapting in my own way as I felt I needed to. I see it as an accomplishment! Not scary, not beyond my capabilities but an additional way to approach staying healthy and happy. I think Aimee is one if the best instructors to learn from. I always feel I can follow her and I can easily adapt to my needs as she includes and shows variations to try. This Strong Nation class is different than other classes but also familiar at the same time. Great moves, great music. Thank you, Aimee, for opening the door to this new kind of workout.

Celia Maysles

Africana Dance and Fitness classes are a true highlight of my week. I look forward to Tuesday night strength training and Friday afternoon Zumba every week. The classes are so much fun and an awesome workout to great music. I get stronger every week, but it does not feel like hard work-it's just super fun. The classes have a real sense of community as well. Everyone is super welcoming to people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, everyone is supportive and respectful to others. I had been looking for classes like this since I left NYC 9 years ago, and I finally found it! Come join this fitness community--your mind and body will be so grateful that you discovered Africana Dance and Fitness!

Nicole Coker

Aimee's Zumba class has been such a game changer for me...it is a place where I can be confident, playful, and fully engaged-body, mind, and spirit. The class is bursting at the seams with love, joy and loads of sass! Aimee is energetic, fun, and will move you. I love that the class is a whole body work out. I sweat with dynamic movement but can modify to accommodate healing from an automobile accident injury. The music and vibe overall is amazing. I love that I can dance without having to stay up all night...for me, this class is just right!

Nicole Mare Usher

I love this class! Aimee’s smile and positive attitude are infectious. No matter how tired I am or how much I don’t feel like exercising I am always so grateful to have gone. It’s a workout but does not feel like exercise. The music is great and Aimee’s choreography is easy to follow. The vibe is totally relaxed, no-pressure, judgment-free, and just really really fun.

Catherine French

Positively Africana is an amazing find. Aimee's classes are vibrant, empowering, and so much fun! She is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She is uplifting, inspiring, playful, and so talented! Her enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to the classes every week. The music is fabulous, and the moves are fun and fierce. I can feel my body becoming stronger. The community is genuinely lovely; it is inclusive, accepting, and nonjudgmental. All folks are welcome. Positively Africana is part of my ongoing, weekly self-care regime and I am so grateful it exists. I hope to keep attending these classes forever. In addition, the Positively Africana store offers the opportunity to purchase lovely African clothes and accessories. A portion of the proceeds helps to support African women and uplift communities, which is pretty incredible and definitely worth supporting. In short, I highly recommend Positively Africana and suggest you check it out.

Cathy Wolf

I love all the classes that Aimee offers. I am getting stronger, moving better, and having a great time. I would recommend all of these classes to dancers and fitness seekers of all ages. Not only is the movement fun and motivating, but Aimee's playlists are fantastic! And Aimee brings such joy to all her classes that you can't help but feel great even when you are working hard!

Patrícia Ferreira

Hi everyone, if you are looking for a fun and reinvigorating dance class, try dancing with Aimee Salmon! Her African dance class is a fantastic way to combine physical exercise with creativity and sensuality! I love how empowered and present in my body this class makes me feel! Aimee is a generous and supportive teacher, and her music selection is unique and soulful! I absolutely love it!

Marita Banda

Where do I begin?!? Africana Dance & Fitness is located around the corner from my house and when I finally brought myself to go I was kicking myself for not going sooner! I'm not a gym person but I love to dance and move my body to some great music. Aimee not only offered me a welcoming environment but she also kept the positivity way UP the entire time. She encouraged us to smile through our masks, to moderate every move as necessary, and to just keep MOVING! On top of all of that, I was able to connect with some great strong women of all shades and sizes in my community. You can tell she really cares about everyone in the room and even offers a BIPOC community low rate. Every time I go, I leave with a smile on my face, the inspiration to stay active, and the motivation to stay connected in my community. Thank you Africana Dance & Fitness!!! Love, Marita!

Cathrine Grace Moriarty

Hey everybody! I'm taking a minute to plug my friend Aimee F. Salmon because now any one of you could take her amazing, uplifting, fun as hell classes online regardless of age or ability. Her classes are for EVERYONE! On a personal level we are all pretty burnt out right now and I believe stuff like this is one of the best ways to help. Also, Aimee is one of the most personally interesting accomplished hardest workers I am lucky enough to know and her dance classes are Check.Her.Out

Verity Norman-Tichawangana

I can’t say how much I love love love the Zumba classes at Africana Fitness! Aimee appeals to our inner warrior to power through her energy and dance-filled workouts, set to the funkiest beats from the global South. I can’t remember ever having so much fun in an exercise class, and feeling like my body has worked hard and is smiling wide by the end of it!

Laura Elisabeth

Aimee Salmon’s Zumba classes have helped me tremendously as a mother of 3 children. In order to be there for my kids and be the best I can be for them, it’s very important for me to take time to regularly recharge my battery. I have found exercise is a great way to take care of my body, mind, and spirit. And dance has always been something that I loved. So when I found Aimee’s dance fitness classes it was a perfect fit. She is truly one of the best fitness instructors I’ve ever taken classes from. She brings a wonderful caring and joyful energy to her classes. Her choice of music and choreography is fun, upbeat, and easy to follow. And she creates a sense of community with all of the people who join in. Whenever I take a class with Aimee, I forget that I’m exercising, and feel like I’m just dancing to great music with friends! I also love that her classes are so accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Her cues are easy to follow and there is a real feeling of acceptance and fun when you dance with Aimee! Aimee’s Zumba classes have been wonderful for me as a mom. After every class I return home with my mind, body, and spirit uplifted and feeling great! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!

“I started dancing with Aimee for an extracurricular to do with my daughter. My daughter isn’t allowed for most classes, but I had so much fun in the beginners class that I tried the rest out. I love the different types of classes she offers, from Zumba to weights and low impact, and that classes weren’t being taught during my work hours. I learned a few dance moves, made a good friend, and started feeling more confident and moving more elegantly. I look forward to outdoor classes again and for more kids classes. She is truly one of the best fitness instructors I’ve ever taken classes from. She brings a wonderful caring and joyful energy to her classes. Her choice of music and choreography is fun, upbeat, and easy to follow. And she creates a sense of community with all of the people who join in. Whenever I take a class with Aimee, I forget that I’m exercising, and feel like I’m just dancing to great music with friends! I also love that her classes are so accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Her cues are easy to follow and there is a real feeling of acceptance and fun when you dance with Aimee! Aimee’s Zumba classes have been wonderful for me as a mom. After every class I return home with my mind, body, and spirit uplifted and feeling great! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone!

Google Reviews

Clea Paz-Rivera
Clea Paz-Rivera
Highly recommend all the producst and services offered by this company. I bought a beautiful high-quality doll for my niece in Bolivia, who was thrilled with it as was the first doll she identified with. Representation matters!!! The price was affordable and the clothing so nice. I have also taken HIT and zumba classes with Aimee when I was living in the Valley. Aimee is an amazing instructor, her classes are fun, welcoming, and challenging in a good way, definetly a space for self-care. I particularly love the congolese and african music she plays for the workout sessions, so much fun! These classes helped me build my strenght during a hard year. I cannot wait to buy the clothes made in Congo! Please support this black woman-led company.
Catherine Newman
Catherine Newman
Aimee is such a ray of light! I have taken both her Zumba and Afro Dance Fitness classes, and I love them so much. They're fun, fantastic workouts and the music is amazing and Aimee is just so inspiring to be around. Love, love, love her.
D Stall
D Stall
As a person who is a former ballet dancer who has trouble exercising, I am always SO happy to take Aimee's classes! I have taken both her Zumba and strength training. One of my favorite parts of her teaching was that she met me where I was and never made me feel inadequate ever! Her smile and positivity are just contagious!!! Aimee is so positive, helpful, energetic, and creative! Her classes are so welcoming and FUN, and I can't recommend them enough to anyone who may be on the fence to try them!
Linda Ziegenbein
Linda Ziegenbein
Aimee is a gift to the Pioneer Valley. Positively Africana is a great way to find community, take care of your body, and just have fun. Her Zumba classes were a great way to end my week and I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Aimee!
Kim Kindred
Kim Kindred
I participated in an in-person African Dance fitness class and I never had so much fun exercising! Aimee had fun upbeat African music accompanied by a routine that was choreographed with African dance movements combined with fitness. I haven't been exercising for some time and I was worried I might not be able to keep up but it was a perfect combination of cardio, dance and fun. I felt energized and was so filled with joy! I need more dance, energy and joy in my life, so I plan on making this a regular part of my week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Emily Potter-Ndiaye
Emily Potter-Ndiaye
Aimee creates a warm and upbeat environment and community with her classes! I love the feeling I leave with and the people I meet at Positively Africana events.
Kendra Brown
Kendra Brown
I highly recommend fitness dance classes through Positively Africana. The community is vibrant and supportive, and I leave each class feeling powerful, sexy, and ready to take on the world. In fact, Positively Africana has inspired me to learn about and lead dance activism. If you're looking for a deeper level of wellness, look no further.
Karine Fenelon
Karine Fenelon
The Zumba classes that Aimee teaches are so grounding and welcoming! After my classes, I feel empowered and full of positive energy! Thank you so much Aimee, for the beautiful community you built!
Laura Krouch
Laura Krouch
Aimee’s Zumba classes are the best I’ve ever taken! Her music, energy, and teaching style make class more like a fun dance party than a workout. Excellent classes and excellent instructor!
Marita Banda
Marita Banda
As a teacher in the area, I am always looking for fun ways to de-stress AND add some fun and fitness into my life. The workouts are amazing and you are always encouraged to go at your own pace. Aimee brings joy to the room which makes the time go by with ease. I wish I could go everyday but the time I do get is always worth it. 10/10, highly recommend!
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