Africana Wooven Sisal Earrings in Beige


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Exhibit your fashion sophistication with our Africana Wooven Sisal Earrings in Neutral Color.

Handwoven with meticulous precision by skilled Maasai artisans in Kenya, these earrings celebrate the union of sustainable materials and traditional craft.

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Enhance your style essence with our Beige Africana Wooven Sisal Earrings.

Expertly handcrafted by adept Maasai artisans from Kenya, these earrings symbolize the harmonious blend of sustainable materials and time-honored craft.

Made from sturdy sisal fiber, they beautifully echo the neutrals of the African land, lending a unique touch to your style.

Every pair acquired helps uplift our artisans’ lives, empowering their financial autonomy, expanding their businesses, and sustaining the complex artistry of sisal jewelry creation.

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Africana Wooven Sisal Earrings in Neutral Color BrownAfricana Wooven Sisal Earrings in Beige

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